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iOS Forensic Analysis - Apress

Authors - Sean Morrissey and Tony Campbell

iOS Forensic Analysis provides an in-depth look at investigative processes for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. The methods and procedures outlined in the book can be taken into any courtroom. With iOS information never published before and data sets that are new and evolving, this book gives the examiner and investigator the knowledge to complete a full device examination that will be credible and accepted in the forensic community.


What you’ll learn:

  • How to respond to security incidents involving iOS devices
  • How to acquire and analyze data on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad
  • How to analyze media exploitation on iOS devices

Who this book is for:
Computer forensic professionals, law enforcement, attorneys, security professionals, those who are curious about such things, and educators. This book can also be employed by law enforcement training academies, universities, as well as computer forensic, information security, and e-discovery communities.

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